Why do I "blog"?

Here's what I know. I have been blogging for three (ish) years now. I've been extremely inconsistent and not because I've second-guessed myself on the whole blogging thing, but because I've been working my bootay off in other aspects of my life. I have wanted to write. I can't count the times when I've woken up in the middle of the night or been driving to the store and a great blog post idea has popped up in my head and I've typed it up in my notes. In all of those moments, I thought, "I can't wait to write about this later!" Thinking that "later" was going to be a few hours. It wasn't. Homework would flood in, fatigue from practice would set in, surprise one-on-one time with Charlie would come up. Life just happened, really great and bad parts of life just happened and my writing had to take the back seat. That's okay.

I know this: Not many people read my blogs. I can see the numbers and sometimes it stings but most of the time I just accept it. I've tried to boost my SEO or make my blog more attractive but most of the time I get my most engagement when my mom posts it on her Facebook page. And that's okay, actually, it's great because otherwise I wouldn't have anyone reading my words and the women who DO read my posts are so encouraging! Do I desire for more people to read my blog posts? Yes. Do I wish that I had more engagement? Yes. Do I selfishly wish that some companies would be like, hey would you like to promote our product? Yes.

I know this: God has me exactly where He wants me to be. The people reading my blog are the folks that are supposed to be reading my posts! It's not my job to worry about how many people are reading what I write. If Jesus wants to make it big time then so be it, but until then I will glorify Him in small numbers and that's awesome! I always have to remind myself that this platform is not for my glory but HIS. I KNOW that the very people who he wants to read my posts are reading it and that's what I can rest in.

Lastly, I know that He wanted me to write. He gave me the ability to write. He gave me the thoughts to write. So I will write. If He brings 5 people to my site, PRAISE HIM. If He brings 500 to my site, PRAISE HIM, If He brings 5,000 to my site, PRAISE HIM. I blog because he's gifted me to write and I'm called to use my gifts for His glory.

I know that I must write. I know that He will provide. I know that your eyes were supposed to read these words.

This is totally one of those "Get behind me Satan" posts because in order to debunk his lies I must vocalize HIS truth! The devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy. Christ has come that I and you may have life (freedom from the stealing, the killing and the destroying) and have it abundantly (so not just a little freedom but ALL the FREEDOM). Thank you, Jesus. I challenge you to shout your (which can only be derived from HIS) truth in the enemies' face. I dare you *spoiler alert* the end of the book in his face. There are no shaking hands with the devil at the end of the match...our captain (who basically is the team) won and we don't need to be nice about it!

I am free because He is I AM

*I had a slight rant there at the bottom but it all came from intense passion

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