Wedding Series: Our photos

You know that awkward period after the wedding ceremony?! When the couple, who you committed your entire Saturday to and just watched make out in front of you is now...A WALL! So you follow the crowd, hope for good finger food and grab a drink.

Well we felt a little strange planning this part of our day because we wanted those photos of us, the photos that cause that kind of awkward time of waiting that separate us from the pack, but we also really wanted to honor and spend time with our people. Especially during a COVID wedding, people made some serious sacrifices to attend. Also, we knew that we would never have all of our people together in one place EVER AGAIN, so we didn't want to let that time pass us by.

Honestly, I have no idea how long we were off taking photos, but everyone kept telling us that we were ahead of schedule so it must have not taken long! However, we also really wanted to take time for US. After all it was our wedding day and it was a covenant between the two of us.

[If you click on the photo it will enlarge so that you can get a better look]

Y'all...we were smitten. After the ceremony, I immediately stripped off my shoes, Charlie lifted me up onto the tailgate of the truck and we took off (to take our photos). It was the first time that we actually got to converse and we took in every word. Yes, we grabbed some photos but it really felt like we were just two kids dressed up, dancing in a field and there just happened to be some cameras there. Which is exactly how I wanted it to feel. It was awesome! Our photographers and videographers also did an incredible job of capturing our joy!

While we were off madly in love, our wedding guests spent time catching up on quarantine stories, listening to Blue Grass music (thanks mom!) and eating some darn good local food. Which, I'm extremely jealous of because neither Charlie or I got a taste. Overall, I didn't hear any complaints and I think that "kind of awkward" photo time actually went really well! I wanted our people to feel seen and I really hope we accomplished that.

These aren't all of our photos from that time period. Once I finish all of the wedding series posts' I will link ALL of our photos but for the time being just enjoy these "featured" few. I hope these photos bring you just as much joy as they do for Charlie and I although I doubt it will...We LOVE them!

Always a big shout out to Brandi Sisson, our lovely photographer.

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