Wedding Series: Our Families

Let's just say a small wedding was never in the cards for us. Charlie is one of seven siblings and although I'm only sandwiched between two brothers I have a large extended family and I claim them as my immediate! Charlie and I love our families and they were a very important part of our day (& beyond).

Unfortunately do to COVID a lot of my cousins & Aunts, on my mom's side, were unable to make it which really broke my heart as I was just looking forward to celebrating with all of my people. However, a lot were able to be there and we made the most of it. In all honesty, if money was no object, Charlie and I would've had a wedding week. A week of just spending time with our people because that's the bad thing about a wedding day...time goes by too fast!

We consider ourselves to be pretty blessed with the people we have. They have made us who we are today. Our families, between grandparents, parents, Aunts/Uncles, siblings and cousins, have set the best examples for us. Charlie and I have learned from the best and helped us create a strong foundation. As for our wedding, they helped us set up, tear down, celebrate, serve, dance and so much more. Y'all get the picture...we love and adore our families!! Seriously, shoutout to all the last names that make up our big, wild, loyal and loving families...we are so thankful for y'all.

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