Wedding Planning Update

I'm back in my hometown this weekend, Hendersonville, NC. I had the best welcome home party: A gluten free lemon blueberry muffin, warm hug from my mama and dad, fresh cup of coffee and SNOW!!! Needless to say...I have a very happy heart. However, there is no time to sit back and relax! I had an appointment with our florist (got cancelled do to the snow) and an appointment to run through my wedding hair. I think I know what I want but we booked one more trial appointment just to make sure!

Tomorrow I have my first wedding dress fitting AND it's my mom's birthday!! We will celebrate her and my grandpa (whose birthday was yesterday) on Sunday.

It's a busy but fun weekend at home. However, I realize I haven't given a wedding update since...never haha. Charlie and I have been so so busy that we kinda forgot that we had a wedding to plan. Thankfully my mom has been such a big help!

So here it is, an update. We are basically done with everything that can be done. I've designed the invitations so I just need to get those printed, addressed, stamped and shipped. We have the florist, photographer, videographer, DJ, coordinator, officiant, baker, decorator, caterer, bar tender and all the other "er's" covered.

Which reminds me... I can't for the life of me find a decent pair of shoes. I'm looking for a comfortable and simple pair of heels! I have searched high and low and at this point going barefoot sounds like a great option. If you have any recommendations please send them my way.

In addition, I don't own any white and it was brought to my attention that I should wear white for the wedding showers, rehearsal and other festivities so I guess I need to expand my wardrobe, which means shopping...which means a lot of coffee.

Charlie and I booked our honeymoon, but we don't leave until the Monday after the wedding. We've decided to stay in Hendersonville the night after the wedding and then drive to Atlanta the next day because we fly out of Atlanta on Monday. We found a hotel in Atlanta to stay in but let us know know of any fun restaurants for a honeymoon dinner (that also doesn't count too many pretty pennies).

I have my best gals planning my bachelorette party so I'm super excited for that. Charlie, unfortunately can't plan a bachelor party because his schedule is so chaotic and could change unexpectedly. I really hope he will have time at some point to hang with his dudes before he becomes a married man.

Overall, the countdown is ON!148 days and Charlie and I will be bawling our eyes out and between the sniffles we will say I DO!

**Also, although I feel like everything has been done I'm sure that around May I'm going to start freaking out!

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