Tofu Tryout

Alright friends, I tried tofu. I don't think I'd ever find myself saying that because I love meat and would never try to go the vegetarian route and eat tofu. However, I'm all chickened out.

Dear Chicken, I think we need to take a break. It's not you, it's me. I'm sure we will meet again, but until then... tofu will you go out with me?

Wow, that was lame and goofy, but whatever. Anyhow, check out this video. I'm cooking tofu and you'll be the first to know what my thoughts are.

Tofu Salad:


-Four pieces of firm tofu

-Handful of kale

-A dash of pumpkin seeds

-A little bit of coconut oil for the pan

-A smidge of olive oil for the kale

-Desired seasonings.


-Frying pan



-A hungry tummy


1. Cut tofu in desired portions.

2. Add coconut oil to pan on medium heat

3. Add tofu and cook until golden brown

4. Massage olive oil into kale

5. Sprinkle on some pumpkin seeds for crunch

6. Add freshly cooked tofu

7. Sprinkle on seasonings

8. Enjoy and Comment to let me know what you think!

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