The Tavern & The Patch

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Our fourth stop, we HAD TO EAT!! We were very hungry, so we took our fresh-looking skin over to the local tavern. Spring Creek Tavern, home to good service, good food and a great view. The restaurant is in the heart of town and is perched next to the Spring creek.

My order: Chicken tenders and fries

-I know it is quite the basic meal, but never the less, it was good

-I really enjoyed my meal and took what I didn't eat to go

-Most importantly the sweet tea was good stuff, very refreshing and sweet

Charlie's order: Fried catfish and fries

-He left his plate completely clean and said it had "great crunch"

-He recommends it.

Freckled Standard:

Location: 5 out of 5 freckles. Right on the creek...doesn't get much better

Atmosphere: 3 out of 5 freckles. Nothing too special, but it was clean and what more can you ask from a restaurant then cleanliness

Food: 4 out of 5 freckles. Not gonna lie to ya...those chicken tenders were darn good

Service: 4 out of 5 freckles. Our waitress was nice and friendly, but the waters got a little low.

Price: 3 out of 5 freckles. The prices were higher than I would've liked for basic food. Our meal was $26.

Visit: Spring Creek Tavern

Our last stop, my favorite part and truly the place I wanted to take Charlie, Max Patch. Max Patch is an hour away and this was probably one of my favorite drives. Charlie and I were both hyped up on sweet tea and we couldn't shut up the entire drive there or the drive back. His little Toyota Tacoma has been home to some of our best conversations. Anyways, Max Patch is apart of the Appalachian trail and boy is it beautiful. The trail has two paths to the top, one is 0.3 miles and the other was 1 mile. The view is incredible, it's a 360 view and just breathtaking. We settled in and waited for the sun to set. We had a few clouds in our way but it was a great end to a very happy day. I'll let the pictures do the talking for this one.

Charlie and I enjoyed our little getaway trip, but more importantly we enjoyed each other’s company. The highlights of our trip were the laughs, the memories and getting to know each other just a little bit more.

It's summer friends! Go, get out and enjoy the little things, the little towns, the little moments and the not so little world our Lord has crafted for us.

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