The Magic Bowl

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

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The title is no lie. I'm not going to fib to you people, this bowl is incredible. Again, it is super healthy. I make this bowl pretty often and it's because I crave it like crazy.

Ever since the Chipotle craze, bowls have become a big deal. Usually bowls eliminate the big ole burritos and tacos. Another reason I love this bowl, is I never make the same thing twice. I always mix up the ingredients, usually based on what is in the fridge.

Heres the good stuff:


Sweet potatoes, half of one

Avocado, usually just a half


Black beans

Brown rice

*I suggest preparing the entire sweet potato and avocado because then you'll have leftovers and can enjoy it again!

Optional or Alternative ingredients:

Over-easy egg



Garbanzo beans


1. Prepare sweet potatoes exactly like I did in this post:

Sweet Potatoes

2. Brown Rice

-I use Success: Boil-in-Bag brown rice because it is simple and easy. This takes 10 minutes and you only need a microwave.

3. Black beans

-Heat on the stove top or place them in a microwave safe bowl and microwave until desired temperature.

-Cooking beans makes the digestive process easier on your body

4. Sauté kale

-Sauté in avocado or olive oil

-Add salt, garlic, peppers or anything that will add some flavor

5. Cut avocado

-Use one half and save the other for later

6. Highly recommend eating these

Homemade Chips

After each item is prepared put it all together in a bowl. Before you eat, snap a picture and tag me in it. This is literally one of the most insta worthy food posts you can have. Tag: @sydlgilliam on Instagram

Also, are y'all obsessed with these La Croix like I am? Let me know what your favorite flavors are by tagging me on Instagram @sydlgilliam or comment below.

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