The hot springs and Fishing

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Our second stop was Hot Springs, the town, I'll get to the legit hot springs later. We arrived here around noon. Y'all this is a small town and to be honest I took Charlie here with very little plans in mind, which made it even more fun. We parked by the oldest business in Hot Springs, Gentry Hardware, and then checked out of the shops for about 30 minutes. One reason I really enjoy Hot Springs is, you don't have service, it's great. After 30 minutes of wandering Charlie looked at me kind of like, "So... what are we going to do?" and I didn't really have an answer for him, so we walked into the Hot Springs Welcome Center directly next to the hardware store and it was there we got some ideas. Fishing, the way to my man's heart. The man working inside told us exactly where to get our NC fishing license and where to fish.

C & H fishing. Y'all, this is a mom and pop shop if I've ever seen one. There was an older lady working inside and she got us all set up. We then headed toward Rocky Bluff Recreation Area, it's an old camp ground and there’s a trail leading down to the river from it. Disclaimer: We didn't catch a dang thing, but this was more because of the extremely high and rapid waters (thanks to the monsoon of a rainstorm we've had) than it was our poor fishing. Per Charlie, who is quite the fisherman, says that the creek has great fishing potential. I was extremely disappointed that our fishing endeavors didn't produce, so we hopped back in the truck and headed back towards town.

Our third stop is the reason this town is even on the map, yep that's right, we went to the hot springs themselves. This was an extremely last-minute decision, but I would highly recommend you call ahead and make reservations. We lucked out, they had an opening. The Hot Springs Resort & Spa has many different services, but Charlie and I did the standard mineral baths. It was $42 for two people and I think it was well worth it. They allow you to bring any food or beverages you would like, and I would highly recommend this because I got a little light headed after the spa. Charlie and I really enjoyed relaxing (which we don't do a lot) and planning our upcoming summer. Hot Springs spa was the perfect place for us to reset our minds and enjoy the little moments God has so graciously given us.

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