This isn't the dress but it's still fun!

How to find THE DRESS when you don't even like wearing A DRESS.

Hey girl who prefers sneakers to stilettos, dirt to makeup and hoodies to cute cardigans. Hi, I'm Sydney and I can relate. I don't like the whole dressing up and putting on my face part of being a girl. Don't get me wrong, I love how I look after the process but my goodness is that process not grueling? If you're a girl who rocks a pony more than perfect curls, this blog is for you. Also, if you're a girl who one day hopes to wear a wedding dress well then this blog is also for you.

I went into wedding dress shopping with a completely different mindset than I normally would if shopping. I was excited. I was so happy to have my mom, grandmothers and friends involved. However, I was missing a few of best gals and I definitely missed their presence.

I knew that this dress was a dress I was only going to wear one time in my entire life. This dress' job was to make Charlie cry, sorry not sorry. I went in with priorities of how I wanted to feel. I wanted to feel free, mobile and joyful. I wasn't supposed to look dressed up in this dress. I wanted to be ME. My intentions, although they might sound confusing to you, made perfect sense to me.

I went into three boutiques in Asheville, NC. I didn't have a specific style in mind, but I did note that I hated tule. I said, "Let's try it!" to just about any dress the stylist or my family/friends pulled. I found that I really liked 98% of the dresses I tried on -- a blessing and a curse. Now ladies, keep in mind that the area in which you live or look for dresses will fit the vibe of the dresses offered. The dresses I tried on in Asheville were beautiful, but not for me. They screamed let's elope (which I'm still up for if Charlie changes his mind) or beach wedding. They were gorgeous and comfortable and just a little off from what I wanted.

Mom took this photo the day when I didn't want to go wedding dress shopping

We got back from the last appointment we had planned still empty handed, which I was fine with. I didn't necessarily think that I would find my dress in those few days. After some encouragement from my mama, I made a last minute appointment in Greenville, SC. The next morning I woke up and honestly just wanted to go hiking with my friends. BUTTTTTT we went. I put on half as much makeup as I had for the other two days and I didn't do my hair...oops.

When my consultant, Mary Grace, pulled the first dress I had a weird, but good feeling that THIS was the dress. I went out and I could tell in everyone's eyes that this was the one. Note, look at your parties eyes because their eyes tell you everything you need to know. This was my dress, however, I tried on a few more before putting on the veil. Let me tell you...the veil makes it all so surreal. It's crazy y'all.

Also not the dress but my frandsss!

Of course, I still didn't say yes, but we went to lunch and headed back directly after. After lunch I tried it on again, veil and all and was positive that it was the ONE. I didn't cry or get emotional I just wanted to smile and show Charlie immediately. I was so joyful in this was THE ONE.

FUN AND WEIRD FACT: Before trying on dresses I would eat a lot or TMI but wait to go to the bathroom. I wanted to know that I loved the dress even if I had a full stomach.

Also, don't pick your dress until you know how the bustle looks. Your dress will be bustled for a majority of your wedding so you also need to love that look.

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