The Buddy System

Happy day y’all! Last blog post I was talking about your Roots. I needed to touch on that topic before I talked about people and relationships because it is very important to be grounded in who you are! And if you can’t really remember what that blog post was all about then I highly recommend you go check it out.

I am super duper excited to talk to y’all about people and the relationships we develop with each other. I’ve got a couple things to cover on this subject so let’s dive on in shall we?

Accountability. Oooo I bet that word can rub a couple of us wrong, huh? But guess what that is okay. Accountability arouses responsibility and requires you to justify (or try to justify) your actions and thoughts. There are two types of accountability—personal and social (I just made this up but just keep reading…it will make sense). Personal accountability is self-check; this is something we need to do often. It is that gut check that we all need when life starts moving fast and we feel as if our actions have no real thought behind them. So yeah this is a good thing…however it can also be bad. If we are constantly self-checking are we really getting an honest answer or are we just sitting there spinning with justification after justification? This is why we need the social accountability. Social accountability is with other people. This is very important for all of us but it is also hard. It is hard for a couple of reasons: it will bring about humility, vulnerability, and honesty. Confession time. I had never really had a social accountability group (besides my parents) until I got to college.

Actually I learned about accountability groups through my boyfriend. Him and a couple of other guys on the football team try to meet weekly and talk about their struggles from the week and also praises of the week. They call it “Guys being Dudes”. I thought the idea was super cool so my roommates and I are trying to start doing this regularly (It is difficult to find the time but you can always find time for things that are important to you). We have yet to think of a name as cool as theirs but I’m sure we will think of something haha. Anyhow… accountability is pretty vital for our growth as people and for our growth with the Lord.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two people are better off than one, for they help each other succeed

Always hike with a buddy. So there is this long…brutal…dangerous…rewarding…and beautiful hike that every human who God places on this earth takes. And it’s called life, my friends. And no matter how many fictional books you read or 5 star movies you watch to get the idea of a “perfect” life, you ain’t gonna have it. So toss that idea right out the window because perfection is a word that can only describe a place that we have not seen and that is heaven. I titled this little segment “Always hike with a buddy” because in order to grow in this lifetime in our hike towards Jesus it really helps to have a buddy, especially a buddy that is on the same trail as you. At one point in time you’re gonna be exhausted, you’re going to feel like you are between a rock and a hard place, you’re going to be under attack. BUT HALLELUJAH because when you call upon the name of the Lord he will get you through that time. One way he helps us through is by planting people in our life. He plants them there for a very specific reason, a reason that we might never know. But y’all how awesome is that! I might be like really reading into it but it blows my mind how our heavenly father works. ALWAYS HIKE WITH A BUDDY. Even if this buddy leaves you half way through the hike or joins you half way through the hike. We must have faith that God placed them there.

Fellowship. Mathew 18:20 For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them. Chills y’all…Wow. You mean to tell me if I am sitting there with a buddy reading some scripture together that the Holy Spirit is there with us? YES!!!! I mean do I need to say anymore. Why would we not gather together and lift up the name of Jesus or dive into his word? Pretty cool y’all…this is an opportunity to spend some time with our Lord let us use that!

Give thanks to God and your people. Thank him for the people He has placed in your life. It is that simple. Just take a second and think of the relationships you have built and what you have learned from them. HOW AWESOME! So thank Him, He really deserves it. Also thank your people, for they have seen you at your best and at your worst and because they choose to love like Christ loves us…they love us through it all. We humans are not easy to love or even to like sometimes. We must remember that when our earthly love falls short our heavenly father’s love is everlasting and unchanging. This is very powerful, do not brush this off.

Psalm 100:5 For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.

*One of the many bible verses describing God’s love. The word love is mentioned 551 times in the bible (NIV).

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