Take up your Cross

I was born in the wrong generation.

I've said this countless of times when I stand out like a sore thumb because I actually believe in the cross dangling around people's necks. I see it more with a price tag reading "priceless made with real wood and decorated in royal blood!” than I do “25% off made with real gold and decorated in diamonds.”

But no I was not born into the wrong generation. I was born into this generation to be a voice for values and morals lost. I am here and I am me for a very particular purpose. As were each of you, some may fall into the trap of social acceptance and social norms and the oh so ignorant idea of "what will they think of me". I have fallen into this trap and it is a deep dark trench disguised as happiness.

No I was not born into the wrong generation. Was I born into a generation with a different mindset than my own but for some reason I believe that this is just a mask. I think there are many more of you "privileged millennial" out there that are stuck.

We claim depression, anxiety, and sadness because we truly are. And this happens when we search for happiness in the wrong way... in the wrong thing. We search for happiness in temporary doses but why...

Should we not search for our happiness in something or someone more stable, more grounded, more knowledgeable? Maybe search for our happiness in something less temporary and more eternal.

"Ahhh Syd, you're talking about Jesus" yes I am. And I guarantee you that the word “eternal” just made you put a lock around your heart. Because “eternal” means commitment. A word that has lost its meaning just as much as the word love has been watered down.

My friends... love is a word created on the cross. And commitment is a word created 3 days later.

Our answers to my generations… Heck not even just my generation! The generation before mine and the generation after is just as screwed up... we just take the blame. Our answer is not found in any substances, in any person, or in any book other than communion, Jesus, and the Bible.

So as I sit here at Starbucks in the heart of the classic city of Athens, GA (the hub of all things twisted and confused) ... I can't help but plead to STOP chasing society. They have you on a rabbit chase and you my friend are a sloth.

I just wrote this in like 7 minutes

1) Because this coffee really kicked in

2) God planted this idea into my head and I had to write it down as quickly as I could (tbh pretty proud of how fast my thumbs can move--must be all that texting my generation likes to over do)

3) I need to share it, I need to share these thoughts.

People, people, people. You were not born into the wrong generation. You were born to make a difference...to be the difference.

So sure dress trendy, take a picture of your meal, be artsy but don't lose yourself--your values, your worth, your opinion-- in the process. Because those characteristics literally cannot be found in any little boutique across the world.

You were not born into the wrong generation but your voice is rare. However it is not inferior, nor smaller. Do not be tricked... do not be deceived for "take up your cross!"

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