Surprise Trip: Oh, Helen!

Here's an inside to my love language...take me to new places and let me try new things and I'll love you forever.

Charlie and my parents obviously knew what my love language was because they planned out an entire day. They also know that my strength (and weakness) is planning. Most of the time I plan all of our trips and I love doing it, but these three thoughtful people planned a day for me!

How blessed am I!

The day started at 6:30 a.m. and we started driving, in Charlie's Tacoma, where it just so happens that we have our best talks. Our early morning taco talk was sponsored by coffee and diet coke (Charlie's choice).

We arrived in Clarkesville, GA. This little town welcomed us in as we drove down a few more backroads and ended up between the Georgia pines.

Our first stop was beautiful, in a gated rural community united by fishing. Charlie wanted to teach me how to fly fish in the Soque river, which is home to 15-pound trout...yes you heard me 15!

I never realized how much of an art fly fishing is, from the bait you chose to the way you throw your line. I loved it!

Next was lunch at the Attic, a quaint little restaurant in the heart of downtown Clarkesville. For a Tuesday afternoon, in this little town, the place was packed. We ate well and left with full bellies ready for the next adventure.

Zip Lining. I had been zip lining before, but Charlie hadn't and to see his face coming across the line made my heart so happy. I guess you could call us adrenal junkies as everyone else was hugging trees and we would literally stand on the edge of all the platforms. We had a blast!

Then, off to downtown Helen. Helen is designed to look like an Alpine Village in Germany. Back in its heyday I'm sure this place was popping, unfortunately I think the touristy traps have taken over. Never the less it will still fun to walk around and meander in and out of the stores.

To dinner we go, Cowboys and Angels is the restaurant chosen for us. The menu offered steaks, burgers and seafood. Charlie and I both indulged in a bison burger and the fries.... were so good!!

We decided to scope out some dessert, this wasn't on the itinerary, but hey I love sugar! However, this was kind of difficult. One restaurant only offered one (questionable) item. The restaurant we ended up finding ourselves at was Cafe International right on the river. We decided on the turtle cheesecake and weren't too happy with it, but that's okay!

I should mention that before each spot Charlie had written out sweet little hints of where our next adventure would take us. The last note led us back home in the Tacoma where we have our best talks.

Get you some people like Charlie and my parents. I'm so blessed to have them in my life and I'm thankful that they love me so much to plan an entire day full of fun. Thank you, mom, dad and sweet Charlie, of mine for being so thoughtful. You all will never be taken for granted.

P.S. Did Charlie and I elope on our trip to Helen?

What happens in Helen stays in Helen ;)

All my love,

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