Rest. Peace. Comfort.

WE HAVE MOVED. My spirit needed a change. In August my old roomies, Anna Kate and Caroline, moved into a new house with Becca and Morgan (my new roomies). Becca worked her booty off to find us a home to stay and my heart desperately desired a new place to call home. The Lord provided and we're so grateful for that.

I wanted to share my new space that has offered me so much rest, peace, comfort, assurance and joy! It's true, I really needed this change and I wish I could describe how grateful I am.

This is the first time I've ever had my bed from Home, home in Athens and although it's extra squeaky I've found so much literal and emotional rest in this bed. The bed frame has been passed down through the generations, how cool. The mattress is from Sams and I'm so glad that, that hasn't been passed down too.

This past summer my brother, Tanner, and his friend, Quinn worked an odd job of cleaning out older folks' homes. I needed cheap furniture for this new home and they provided. We decided not to buy new furniture because in 305 days Charlie and I will be getting married and we have no idea where we are going to live so...yeah! Anyways, the boys found this furniture. Y'all I can't wait to do a post about how this furniture looked before my mom and I got our hands on it, but for now, look how cute and quaint it is.

The details. Charlie made me the sign hanging above my dresser, 1st Corinthians 13:4-8. I love photos and try to sprinkle them around my room to remind me of how blessed I am with good people! What you can't tell in this picture is that this grace sign is's broken. I bought the sign like that because...if that isn't an incredible metaphor then I don't know what is (plus it was on major discount). The next image is a stool I took from home with a basket perched on top. The basket is home to my journals and bible. The hanging stick, I'm very resourceful and cheap, is my prayer thingy. I write prayers on the little notes and it's near my bed so it serves as a great reminder to get on my knees or pause in the moment and pray for folks. The last image is my chalkboard. It reads, "I am free because He is I AM." Love this quote I came up with it and you'll hear more about this at a later time.

I love cute and meaningful things but functionality is important. I used a bath mat in front of my dresser because that's where I'm going to do my makeup and I like the soft mat. I can't say it's super cute but hey it does its job. There's a laundry basket peaking out over there in the corner, hidden but ready to collect dirty clothes. There's another stick hanging on my wall and I've used ribbon to hang it. The stick is holding my jewelry. It works and it's cute! Then there's the lump of purses in another corner. I tried to make it look kinda cute but at the end of the day, I just need my purses, that I don't use very often, to be housed somewhere. It's bulky and not aesthetically pleasing but it does the job. My yoga mat is underneath the bush of purses and I pull that out from time to time to stretch.

Overall, I'm in love with my room. I find so much peace, rest and comfort in this space and I'm overjoyed with that. I've already laughed in this room, rushed to get ready in this room, woken up early in this room, slept late in this room, had deep conversations in this room and read good books in this room. I haven't cried in here yet but life happens and I'm sure that's coming.

This is officially my last room before I get married to my best friend. I will no longer have just my space and I can't imagine how Charlie will want to decorate (kinda nervous). For now, I want to fully enjoy my space. Thanks for taking the tour.

All my love,

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