THE DANGER of New Year Resolutions

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I put one of those question boxes on my Instagram story. The question was, "What are your New Year resolutions?" Unfortunately, I didn't get very many responses however the few I got were a little troublesome (some positive but they didn't outweigh the negative). Then I took a look around at people's Twitter, Instagram posts, Facebook posts and so on and I was frustrated.

Overwhelmingly I found that the most common New Year resolution was, "focus on me." I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. I think this is quite possibly one of the worst resolutions anyone could have for themselves and here's why. It's NOT about us and we should be so thankful for that.

Now before you start freaking out let me make something clear. You can have healthy resolutions about yourself but they shouldn't disregard others. In addition to the "focus on me" resolutions they would end or begin with, "I'm tired of caring for others or it being all about other people." How sad? This means people were literally placing their well being over someone else's. Imagine if this was your friend's resolution? Would you feel comfortable going to them with your hurts or even your joys? I'll give you my answer, No!

I think resolutions are great and I don't think they should be limited to one time of year, but they should be thought through well and committed to wholeheartedly. I haven't decided what my new year resolution will be but I can promise you it won't be all about me. If it was I'd completely lose my mind and spiral into a terrible place. Humans are selfishly driven so I promise you we don't need anymore focus on ourselves.

Ultimately, we all need to work on ourselves. We need to Psalm 139. Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. This is the "focus on me" resolution we need. Self-care is nice but it won't heal your hurts. Meditation is relaxing but it's only temporary peace. Ignoring the problem feels good but it will only turn into cancer. However, a relationship with the Lord is eternal.

Stop acting like you're the only one struggling and like you're the only one who is's a lie straight from the devil. It is okay to not be okay, but it is not okay to stay not okay. A focus on you is dangerous because you don't have the answers or solutions you only have band-aids, temporary fixes.

But see I know a guy and His name is Jesus. Jesus willingly left perfection to join us in our evil and imperfect world. He took on every temptation and trial that any of us could ever face, so YOU KNOW at least one other person has been through what you've been through. Here's the best part, my friend, he conquered it all and THEN willingly died a brutal death just so that when we fail (a lot) we would be covered by his Father's grace.

Can you imagine if Jesus' resolution was to focus on himself? He wouldn't have taught the word of God, he wouldn't have healed anyone...he wouldn't have become our eternal sacrifice. I'd like to think his resolution went something like, "I want to be my best so that through me others may see Him. I want to be obedient to Him and evacuate my feelings so that his truth may fulfill me." I can't put words in his mouth but I can guarantee he wasn't "focused on me" he was focused on his Father's glory and other's salvation.

I challenge you to think with an eternal perspective. I challenge you to become your best self for OTHERS. I challenge you to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I challenge you to serve.

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