My New Years Resolutions (ish)

Heads up...I 100% made myself look more tan!

So it's February. The New Year was almost 2 months ago. I wrote my "resolutions" 1 month ago and I'm just now writing and sharing them...BUT THERE WORKING. Ya wanna know how I know they're working. I know the "resolutions" are working because I'm writing this blog post about my new years' resolutions in February. A year ago I would have called myself a failure and actually been disappointed that I didn't have the self-discipline to find the time to share my resolutions. However, here I am with no disappointment just excited to share.

This year instead of specific resolutions I chose three words that I really wanted to grab a hold of applying to every phase, relationship, action, etc. in my life. I chose the words: Freedom, Intention, and Laughter. I can't tell you why these three words kept popping up in my head or on my heart during quiet time but I could say Big God and semi-obedient self listened to Big God. The idea of freedom is enticing, right? All of our big birthday's have freedom attached to them. 16? freedom to drive, 18? freedom to smoke, get a tattoo and gamble and 21? freedom sip wine while munching on overpriced crackers and cheese. Us humans love freedom but oftentimes aren't actually free because we think of the freedom attached to our big birthdays. What were missing is the freedom that comes from knowing the creator of the Universe, accepting that we will never truly be free until we humbly bow at the throne of grace and say, "God, you are who I need and although I will never truly be worthy of you or your love I will spend the rest of my life in pursuit of you and glorify your name."

That, my friends, is how I think of freedom. I want to remind myself of this freedom every day but more importantly, I want to remind myself of who the freedom giver is and how He says I'm free.


I am free because He is I AM

I'm no longer a slave to sin

I'm free from other's judgment

I'm free from my own worries

The second word, Intention. If I really...truly knew to my very core God's character then I would never stumble with being intentional. I say this because God was so intentional when he designed me. I mean, he was intentional with everyone, but he was like extra intentional with me...the FRECKLES PEOPLE!! God just through a random shade on everyone else but for me, he took his finger and intentionally placed each speckle on my body. All jokes aside if God's word is true...which I would stake my life on that it is then He was/is THE most intentional to ever do it. I can't help but think that if God who constantly has a billion + things going on can be intentional with EVERYTHING then can I can show a little more effort to be more intentional with 5 things. So here I am attempting to choose my words wisely and mean them deeply. Attempting to be thoughtful and bold in action. Attempting to make thoughtful and progressive choices. Attempting to love well and value the ones I'm in a relationship with. Cheers to being intentional.


Be intentional with my words

Be intentional with my actions

Be intentional with my choices

Be intentional with my walk

Be intentional with my relationships

Last word, but has proved to be the most challenging and most valuable in my current season of life, laughter. Sometime last year I looked in the mirror and said, "You need to laugh more." and then sometime after that the verse, "She laughs without fear of the future" kept singing in my head so when I heard God laughing while I was too busy worrying or taking something way too seriously I thought it was time to laugh. I think Laughter is beautiful. I saw a quote a few years ago that said, "How wonderful is it that we laugh because our bodies cannot contain the joy." I'm pretty positive I cried when I read that because HOW BEAUTIFUL!? Thank you, Lord, for laughter. Laughter to me is so much more than an action. True, joyful-laughter is knowing Who's you are and having complete trust and peace in that. Laughter isn't carelessness, it's the best kind of confidence. It's the best kind because it isn't confidence in myself it's confidence in HIM. Laughter is living so let's laugh.


She will laugh without fear of the future

Live and enjoy the moments

Laugh at myself

Laugh with joy

Laugh because I know whose palm I'm in

I think the best part of my resolutions is that I know I'm going to fail, but I also know exactly who my accountability partner is and sorry Charlie, but you're not it and thank the Lord. Not in a bad way, but Charlie shouldn't have to carry any of this. He also wouldn't be a very good accountability partner because he's going to fail at these things so I need someone who won't, my heavenly Father. I think we so often blame others for our failure but I hope we can remember that it's not their job to sustain us or provide for us in ways that only our heavenly Father can. I love when Charlie chooses to freely love me when he is intentional about how he treats me or when he makes me laugh but it's not his job to free me from my burdens, ensure that I'm always intentional in my life or make me feel alive with laughter and joy.

My words were written in freedom, with intention and sprinkled with laughter! I hope you're encouraged to continue to pursue your resolutions or maybe even tweak them. I also hope you have time to reflect on who your accountability partner is and if you're putting too much pressure on them.

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