Moving Across the Country

One month ago, I took a last minute flight change, said goodbye to my childhood home and "see ya later" to my parents (who have never been more than car ride away) and moved to California with my husband.

Charlie had been in California for 7 weeks before I had arrived. He'd been training with the 49ers and I made the move after finding out he made the roster!! After 7 weeks of not seeing each other I guess you could say we were eager to see one another.

Do to the cost of living in California and our 700 sq ft apartment I packed up my life in 3 bags and a box that would later be shipped out. I realized that I had a lot that I didn't need...moving across the country will do that to you.

When we arrived at the apartment complex it didn't hit me that this was our new home. I was still way too giddy from being in the same time zone as Charlie to truly soak in what was going on. But then he swept me off my feet and carried me over the threshold into our empty new home. We had a mattress and my man had already made a trip to Walmart to get the necessities. He had taken sticky notes with bible verses and had hidden them/posted them around our apartment. And when we sat candle light on the floor eating our takeout I knew that I loved our first home and that I loved this Georgia boy of mine and at the end of the day home is wherever I am with him.

Honestly, I knew that, I knew that a LONG time ago but this was the first time I got to see it in live action and man...I loved it. This move never stressed me out, not once, and I love my Blue Ridge Mountains and having my family 5 minutes from me but I just had so much peace. I knew this was the Lord's will and I knew I had my best friend by my side.

So, here we are, one month in. We have cried, laughed, had deep discussions and dreamt dreams in our 700 sq foot home and it's been incredible. Moving across the country isn't easy but I'm finding that Charlie and I really don't do too well with easy. We've already grown so much and although we really miss our family and friends we know that we are right where we need to be. Thank you, Jesus for being our Shepherd.

There will be more to come from us mountain folks out here in California but until then know we're doing alright and God is good.

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