Mary did you REALLY know?

(Yup she knows)

Welcome back friend! If ya haven’t read my first post about Mary then you should probably do that! Okay, so we ended yesterday with the doubt of: “Okay syd, yeah that sounds great and all but Luke 1:28 says “Greetings, you who are highly favored!” and who is to say that you’re highly favored or I am highly favored?, Huh?”

Guess what doubter? You are right, it does say, “highly favored” but lets also think about this. Was Mary super extra beautiful? Was Mary like ridiculously wealthy? Was Mary the most popular? Was Mary marrying someone extremely important? Did Mary have it all together?

No. no. no. and no….

Mary was so average (no offense Mary) but she wasn’t anything extra special. The Lord didn’t choose her because she had a level up on everyone else. And Joseph? He was just a carpenter, nothing too fancy. So who is to say that in order to be used by God that we have to be top-notch extra special people? Am I right?

Here was my own doubt: I went on a mission trip to Nicaragua the summer before my senior year. I was extremely excited for it but the closer and closer it got the more I started to doubt myself. I kept thinking, “How am I supposed to teach these people about Christ? Like I know the bible but what if they ask me something and I don’t know the answer to it? What if I can’t help these people? What if I am not qualified?” These thoughts were streaming through my head until the day of departure. Before we left the church, the mission team and our families got together and prayed and WOW!! God was so heavy on me, while people were praying I started bawling uncontrollably and with every tear that fell every one of those “what if?” questions was answered by God. A sense of peace came over me and I no longer had a single doubt because I knew, that I was the Lord’s tool and he was going to use me how he saw fit. As soon as God took the “Sydney” out of my situation there were no worries. The Lord already knew how he was going to use me and I just had to trust that.

Aren’t we glad that Mary didn’t doubt her ability to give birth and raise “the Son of the Most High.”? She knew that God chose her, specifically her. Why did he choose her? Dude I don’t know but like it is God so I’m sure he had a good reason. When God calls us to do something instead of questioning his reasoning, or doubting his belief in us we should just do it! Listen to this, “Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.” That pumps me up and I hope it pumps you up to!!

Is God calling you do something? It could literally be talking to a random stranger, just start a conversation with a smile and make their day! Maybe your doubt of, “I am not outgoing enough” or “What if they don’t want to be bothered?” has been stopping you but if the thought is on your heart… just trust it!

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