Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Tiny update/disclosure for any of you that haven't heard our awesome news. In April, Charlie was drafted to the San Fransisco 49ers! While he has been out there since late July I have been researching, packing, and adulting.

Now that I've caught you up to speed, let's chat. Since, Charlie and I will be living in Santa Clara (where the 49ers stadium and practice facility is located) we knew that a vehicle was a must. We made the decision to ship Charlie's truck out there because it's his little piece of his mountain roots and we have many great memories in the tacoma and why not add more!?

Just take a moment to picture those 18 wheelers driving next to you on the highway with vehicles staggered all different angles looking like they're about to fall off. Got it? Yeah, that's what Charlie's tacoma currently looks like...just rolling across America. When I made the reservation for his truck to be shipped, the company informed me that it should be at a quarter tank of gas. I thought, "no problemo...Charlie didn't fill it up before he left and it hasn't really been driven." Well, well...well. I walked over to Charlie's truck the afternoon (yes, the afternoon) before it was being picked up. Pony tail swinging and very relaxed. I started the car and let me tell you, it will be the ONLY time that I will look at a FULL tank of gas and panic.

I immediately thought, well I've gotta take it into my own hands so I thought about siphoning the sweet cocktail of gas, however according to google Tacoma's are rather difficult to siphon. So, swing and a miss. Then I got rather serious about it and took my news to Instagram and y'all...people were coming out of the woodworks to offer solutions! Seriously, everyone was so kind, encouraging and willing to help #Blessed. Unfortunately, there were no life altering answers so I grabbed my water, sunglasses and Charlie's keys and hit the road to burn some gas.

Here comes the lemonade. As I was pulling out of the driveway I thought, "Wow, God! If it wasn't for this bump in the road I would've stayed in the house the rest of the day packing, organizing and emailing folks." I mean what better way to say "bye" to your hometown than driving around while waves of gratitude come over you!

My first stop was Jump Off Rock, a hometown staple, honestly. Then I wiggled my way down the mountain to McFarlans Bakery because I wanted a cookie (or three). After, my sugar kick I took the long way to Edneyville--the land of farms, where I got lost. Lost in the absolute best way possible. I was truly in awe that this was the place that raised me. I've had the blessing to get a hug from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains every morning when I wake up, every evening when I lay my head on the pillow and all the heart beats in between...again #Blessed.

After weaving through the apple orchards and wineries I returned home with a hungry tummy and settled on heading to Lake Lure for dinner, thinking the curvy roads and generous drive would burn some gas! My parents and I enjoyed our lake front dinner and brought ourselves back home just in time for Mr. Trucker to arrive. I'm sure you're thinking that since the rest of this story is so lovely that I miraculously got the gas tank to swing to a quarter of a tank but I didn't. The last time I looked, it was sittin' pretty at just under three quarters of a tank. My little road trip didn't empty the tank too much but my personal tank got quite a good fill.

BUT. BIG PRAISE. Mr. Trucker took the keys and never even asked about the fuel level and I most certainly didn't question him. And a little side note not only did God remind me of just how blessed I was to grow up in these beautiful mountains. He also brought me peace. You see, I don't like to drive and I was a little nervous about driving Charlie's truck when it arrives in California because truck, new roads, lot's of people, nervous girl just don't mix too well. However, God said "yeah, no we aren't going to settle for that. My girl isn't going to live in fear so get behind the wheel let me distract you by showing you my creation and meanwhile you can get over your nerves."

I share this story with you to tell you that this is life and there will be matter what. It is absolutely up to you to decide what to do with them and please don't be surprised when God shows up and shows out.

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