I dyed my eyebrows

Yeah, folks...I really did it. I was inspired by Kathleen Post, a blogger and Instagram influencer. Needless to say she is great at her job because I was 100% influenced.

I dyed my eyebrows because I'm too cheap to pay for microblading. Microblading, for those not familiar with it, is a procedure that involves taking a tiny needle and tattooing little hairs in your existing eyebrow hairs. I'd love to do it, but I'm just not willing to cough up that money. Instead I took the cheaper but more sophisticated route. Like any sophisticated person, I ordered a kit off of Amazon, read the directions and got to dying (I really hope you read that last sentence in FULL sarcasm because that's how I wrote it).

I created an IGTV aka a really long video to show you how I did it! It's completely unfiltered and took 3 days to make because I wanted you all to see the progress. The Amazon kit I used is: Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit . I used the medium brown coloring. Without further ado here is my (first ever) IGTV!

PSYCH...I 100% failed at the whole IGTV thing! Ooops. Here is what I did. The kit comes with everything you need: dye (20 capsules), developer, tiny mixing/application brush, and a tiny mixing cup.

The Process

I made sure my face was completely clean and dry because you don't want any remnants of makeup or lotion. I then took vaseline and outlined my eyebrow so that if I drew outside my eyebrow lines it wouldn't dye my skin.

Once my skin was prepped I took the dye capsule (a powder) and poured it into the tiny cup. I poured in the developer, measuring a 1:1 ratio (ish). Once the mixture was fully mixed...it was go time!

I did one eyebrow at a time, which is what Kathleen suggested as a first time user because you don't want to overdevelop the color. I painted on the first brow and once I applied I counted to 30, I got a little distracted so it wasn't exactly 30 seconds but it was in the ballpark. I then took a slightly damp dark wash cloth and wiped it off. I repeated the exact same process on the other brow and BAM the process was complete.

Y'all this process barely takes up any time, which is awesome! The color does gradually develop so it will get darker before it gets lighter. I will post a few pictures so you can see how the color builds and then fades.

From left to right:

No color Right after 1 day after 2 days after

Honestly, my brows look great in the "no color" photo but that's just because I'm standing in front of natural light so there highlighted well. Usually my brows are too blonde to notice so I just use an eyebrow pencil and fill in to make them look like the "2 days after" photo. As you can tell there is a lot of color development from right after application to the next day. I think the dye dyes your skin under the hair which is why it looks so intense one day after, but as you can tell it calms down a lot the next day. I'd recommend washing your face and showering as normal. The color will fade throughout washes.

Ultimately I think this is such a great alternative to everyday penciling or microblading. I'm not sure how long the coloring will last but the kit from Amazon came with 20 capsules so I can always touch up if I need to. I hope you found this helpful and if not, hopefully entertaining! And hey, if you're up for the task you can find the tint kit here: Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit . Please take time to read the directions and follow Godefroy's guidelines. Tint away friends!

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