How does one smoothie?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Smoothies are just "healthy" milkshakes right? Like, it's basically a cobbler in a blender.

For some, this couldn't be closer to the truth. Unfortunately folks are indulging in smoothies that are loaded with sugar and empty calories. Which, is fine, if you want to count that as a dessert, but so many have jumped on the smoothie train thinking that it will be super healthy and help them get their body on track. WRONG.

Well actually not completely wrong, but smoothies can take you down a bad road on the health highway. I want to teach you "how to smoothie" so you don't get discouraged and start gaining weight or missing meals.

I love smoothies. I think they're so refreshing and is perfect after a good workout or a hot day when food literally just doesn't sound good. When I make a smoothie I make it with a purpose and this purpose decides what is in my smoothie, how large my smoothie is and so on.

When making a smoothie your purpose should be meal replacement, snack or dessert. Once you've picked the purpose it's time for the ingredients. I think one reason I love smoothies is because I hate following recipes and measuring and I never have to do that when making a smoothie. However, when I make my own smoothie I have to be mindful and intentional with what I throw in the blender.

For a meal replacement smoothie I want high protein and high(ish) healthy fat. I also never have a meal replacement smoothie by itself. I find that my brain doesn't register drinking something as a meal so I like to have popcorn or a crunchy veggie with it. What your brain subconsciously thinks about your meal is important.

Making a smoothie for a snack grants some flexibility because it really depends on how hungry you are and if you just worked out. A snack smoothie is a great way to replenish nutrients and re-hydrate after a workout. In addition, you might notice that your energy level is running low so you can just add a little (or a lot) of caffeine to help push you through.

Dessert smoothies are for strong people. If I had a dessert smoothie I would still have to have a brownie or cookie because my brain wouldn't think, "thanks for giving me a dessert in a straw" it would be more like, "you call that dessert, woman, give me something real!" Therefore I try and stay away from dessert smoothies. However, it may be exactly what your body needs. It's so easy to make a smoothie taste like a dessert, but still be healthy.

I think it's really difficult to give people specific smoothie recipes because it all depends on what you've got in the fridge and what you're feeling that day! You do you but with good intentions.

P.S. super random note. I recommend using powdered peanut butter it is so so much better for you and taste the exact same!

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