Guard Rails and Lattes

Crappy Plane Photo of New Mexico

I saw New Mexico! I’ve always wondered what New Mexico looked like and I SAW IT...FIRST HAND... up in a plane. I realize I led you on, making you think that I actually went to New Mexico, but you must understand that’s how excited I was when I saw it from the plane. I kept lifting up the window and tracking it on the flight screen thing. I was in awe not because it was particularly attractive, but because I had always wondered and now...I knew! 

And then of course I started thinking. How often do we just dream and wonder instead of acting and doing? I’ll answer that for myself, VERY OFTEN. I wonder and dream a lot like a lot, a lot but I very rarely act upon those thoughts. Usually because of money, time, and it just doesn’t make sense. And although these are valuable thoughts and very mature of me to focus on. At some point, within those guard rails (or maybe a little bit outside), I’ve just gotta do it. 

Let me give you a tiny peek into my brain here. I dream about visiting places and starting businesses and serving little ones in various places, but I also wonder how a $6 lavender coconut milk latte tastes or if it’s really possible for me to put together an ENTIRE outfit at the mall and actually walk out with it. (Let me preface here. It’s very common for me to love something, buy it and then 10 minutes later return it because I hate the thought of spending money). 

What I’m trying to say here is that maybe the trips abroad should wait but I don’t think the $6 latte should. I’m not sitting here saying BUY all the things and DO all the things because THEN you will be fulfilled—don’t get me twisted, my friend. I’m just saying that my guard rails are slim and I think there slim because worry is intimidating them and worry needs to go! 

I’m a great planner. I love to plan trips, organize my planner. I'm the total “mom” friend. I try to make sure that everything is seamless. And I enjoy it (sometimes). One of my greatest strengths is also one of my greatest weaknesses. Can you see that? Can you look in the mirror and say... ahhh yup there’s my strength and oh hi there, weakness? If you can, great that means you can manage it. If you can't...start looking!

Here’s the word: Are your guard rails too slim? Are you a hard “no” because of fear or a hard “yes” because of fear? Do your dreams and wonders feel more like burdens because of the worries you tag them with? 

Don’t be afraid to say, Yes! Don’t let your guard rails strangle you but don’t let your freedom either. Dream big, wonder small and act. 

One day I’ll meet New Mexico face to face. I’ll wiggle myself in her culture even only if for a day but mean while I’ll order $6 lavender latte and give it a try.

I would love to know...What are some of your dreams and wonders (small or large). Comment on this picture found in my instagram feed! Maybe we have similar wonders!

I got my lavender latte and I've been craving one ever sense!

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