Groom sees the Bride

One of the most special and highly anticipated moments at a wedding is when the groom first sees the Bride and let me tell you...I did not anticipate Charlie's reaction.

Syd: Charlie has one of the most incredible hearts. The first time I saw Charlie shed a tear was in Marley in Me, the dog movie. Charlie isn't a big crier but when his heart hurts or when his heart is joyful the man is going to cry! I figured Charlie would definitely drop a couple of tears while I was walking down the aisle OR he'd try to stay strong for me if I was surfing down the aisle in my tears.

Charlie: If you haven't watched Marley and Me, you should, it will get you in touch with your emotional side haha! But to the point, I'm definitely an emotional guy and cry a lot more than your average guy does, which I think is good, I think crying is manly for a guy to do, ya don't have to hold it in. I didn't know what was gonna happen when I saw Sydney for the first time, she shocked me, like she always does.

Syd: However, what I didn't see coming is exactly what happened. The man, my man, my Charlie almost fainted. I truly thought he was going down like someone yell TIMBER and groomsmen be ready because my guy is eating grass. As I was walking down the aisle all I was thinking was, "keep smiling...he needs to know you're okay but also enjoy this moment with your dad but keep smiling...he can do this". He did...he stayed up but I wouldn't be surprised if people started throwing bets in the audience.

Charlie: I was literally weak at the knees, never felt that way before. I had my back to the aisle and when Pastor David saw her, he said "oh man, there she is, wow she's beautiful, turn around now man and see your bride". I turned around and just like Sydney said I started to get wobbly. At one point David literally put his hand on my back to hold me up.

Syd: I joined him under the arbor and still he had this awkward but totally adorable smile on his face and I knew the idea of him passing out was not off the table. Our pastor began praying and during that time I gave Charlie a little pep talk and tried to calm him down. I don't remember exactly what I said but I do remember reminding him to breathe, to be still, and that I loved him.

Charlie: I think my face looks goofy haha but glad she thought it was cute. I couldn't control anything on my face. Sydney's little pep talk was "Im here, just breath, I love you, we're finally doing it, just breath". It went something like that, she helped me a ton by finally being up there with me.

Syd: His reaction was absolutely priceless and it made my heart so happy not only because it was flattering but because I got to be his helper and all I could think was "This is it. This is marriage to my best friend. This is so right and I love it." That's our wasn't as expected but like I say, Charlie keeps me on my toes!

Charlie: I guess I do keep her on her toes, sometimes in ways I don't even try to haha. Crazy how during our wedding ceremony we were already experiencing marriage, by Sydney helping me and loving me to just get me right and back in focus for the actual ceremony! Sydney is my better half, I've known it for forever and she always demonstrates it to me, even during our wedding ceremony.

AND I can't just show my grand walk down the aisle! I've got to show you all the other stunnas and beauties that made it down!

Photographer: Brandi Sisson


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