Girl, smile!

Friend, don't be afraid to smile and I mean that from the depths of my heart. This is coming from a girl who often forgets to smile. I mean REALLY smile!

Let's talk simple smiling facts:

-Studies have shown that you actually feel better when you smile

-Smiling is yawning but better!

-LADIES LISTEN UP: Studies show that men find women who are smiling without makeup more attractive than women not smiling with a full face of makeup. I'm honestly going to poll my guy friends about this one!

- Smiling makes you sound more friendly. You can hear a smile in someone's voice. Also, thanks to COVID I think we know we can also see a smile in someone's eyes

-Smiling releases endorphins and act's as a natural pain reliever

-Okay, don't smile for yourself but smile for others. Smiling at someone can HELP them!

-Smiling can make you more productive and creative... again those endorphins are wild!

So, why am I all of a sudden so obsessed with smiling!? I'm encouraging you to smile because I'm not seeing many, obviously because of masks, but seriously there's like this new trend out there that's all about the pouty lip, mean mug face, or something. Look, I'm all here for a good mean mug. GIRL, I know that a good eyebrow raise and tight jaw makes those cheekbones pop! Oh and that smiling causes those nasty lines around your face that just age you way too soon. But let's be're out there doing all the self-care: drinking water, eye cream, working out, taking supplements, etc. You're spending all this time working on the outward appearance meanwhile inside you're feeling sad, unworthy, not pretty enough and constantly battling this voice of "why aren't you happy!?" I can get real deep on this topic but for the sake of this post, we're just focusing on smiling.

Look, as your friend, a stranger, your family member, who knows maybe I'm someone you despise I just want you to start smiling. The reason I decided to write about this is that I GET IT. Y'all when Charlie takes photos of me he usually makes me laugh and legit smile, which you know a legit smile is different than a camera smile...for some stupid reason. When I saw those photos I thought, "Ugh, that's just not cute." My skin wrinkles around my mouth, my nose flares slightly and upper lip disappears. HOWEVER, my eyes...they scream JOY. I mean they are yelling, "THIS IS FREEDOM, THIS IS JOY, THANK YOU JESUS!" And that is so much more valuable than a photo that makes my jawline look FINEEE and my lips juicy.

How do you feel? How do you feel when you see a photo of someone smiling versus someone hitting the soft smile or mean mug? I truly want you to think about that and keep it on your mind as you scroll through Instagram. I'll tell you how I feel when I see someone smiling, I feel happy for them and I feel happy myself. Smiles truly make my heart happy and in a world full of chaos, sadness, pain, and heavy stuff. I dare you to smile. Smile and claim the victory of the cross because the devil hates nothing more to see you living your best life in a world that demands that your best is never good enough.

Girl, post your soft smiles, mean mugs and show off that beautiful face of yours BUT along the way...don't forget to smile! Don't forget that your smile is your weapon against the enemies within and the enemies around you. GIRL, SMILE!

My sources for the "simple smiling facts":

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