First Football Game of the Season

Hey, football fans! How excited are you that football has kicked off? I don't know about you, but I'm pumped. I would like to clear something up before I proceed with this post. I love football and I loved it far before I ever met my husband to be, Charlie. My dad loves football, not in like the ultimate crazy fan way but he just loves the game. However, both of my brothers played soccer and I'm pretty sure I was his only hope to love the sport as much as he does.

Side note: my little brother was a kicker for a little bit but he earned a scholarship for soccer at a university so he ditched the shoulder pads.

I'm also completely putting words in my dad's mouth, but that's okay I'm his favorite anyhow ;) (my brothers never read these so I'll be okay).

Alright back to the meat. I do love football, but I love it even more now because of who is on the man! In years past I've only been able to attend a handful of games because of volleyball. This year, however I'm a free woman! This past weekend I got to experience game day in Nashville.

Late Thursday night, Eli, Charlie's childhood best friend, and JD, Charlie's farmer best friend, and I took the open road and headed to Nashville. The boys took the night shift with a thermos of coffee and a red bull in hand. Let me tell ya if you're in need of a good conversation take a long late-night drive. JD cranked some old middle school dance songs, but it didn't take long for the volume to die down and our conversations to spark again.

After our longggg but fruitful drive, we arrived at Eli's brother's house who was kind enough to let us take over his floor space and spike up his water bill. The next day started with a great breakfast at The Row. I ordered a bottomless cup of coffee that set me back $3.49, a large mug of oatmeal for $5 and a side of bacon for $3. Honestly, besides the coffee, this was a pretty cheap meal for Nashville and I definitely got my money's worth out of that bottomless cup.

With my bloodstream spewing caffeine it was time for us to hit Broadway. I slathered on sunscreen...yes because I'd like to look 50 when I turn 50, not 75. Me and the boys hit the town! Some man bought JD's Major League Fowl hat right off of his head. Shameless plug: Our good friend owns Major League Fowl and our other good friend recently got drafted into the MLB so head on over to Major League Fowl and use code Tlow for 20% off. Anyways, we had a great time talking and listening to music with a cold one in hand. Please note how I said "one" because one will set you back a pretty penny, so enjoy it while it lasts.

After a day out on the town, we headed back to Jeb's house and grilled out with the rest of Eli's family and Jeb's roommates. The long drive from the day before started to sink in and with the game day approaching I knew it was time to unwind and gear up for the next day.

IT'S GAMEDAY! I have never seen anyone more excited for Georgia football then JD. Mrs. Rita (Eli's mama) was cooking up some breakfast and with the smell of bacon and whispers of whistles from the TV filling the room I knew it was going to be a great day. My parents just flew in and after breakfast, I joined them at the hotel to put on my face for the game. They were rolling on little sleep but were troopers the entire game.

We headed to the tailgate where a flood of red and black had completely taken over some city called Nashville. We talked and laughed with friends as the game quickly approached. I've never experienced this before and I absolutely loved hanging out with a bunch of my favorite people before I got to watch my favorite person take the field.

We met up Charlie's siblings and niece (WHO IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD) and strolled into the stadium. I must admit I kept getting distracted during the first half of the game because Charlie's niece is adorable. However, the little angel fell asleep after the first quarter so I locked in and watched my man do his thang. Like I mentioned before, I actually like football and thankfully I had one of Charlie's old teammates, Jeb Blazevich, sitting near me to explain what Charlie was doing and what plays they were running. It was great! I have so much respect for anyone who plays Tight End...there is so much to know.

It wasn't until the 4th quarter when I realized that we were basically playing at home in Athens. I mean 90% of the stadium was lit up for the 4th quarter! The Dawgs travel, baby!! After we took the W we filed out of the stadium to see our favorite player, #89.

Although he was exhausted from the game he still managed to make everyone else feel like the most important person. I will never take those post-game sweaty hugs and kisses for granted.

Leaving with a happy heart, winning record and memories made I WAS HUNGRY! My parents and I whipped into Waffle House and my incredible dad went inside to order some to go waffles as we dragged our tired bodies into the hotel room. It didn't take long for us to devour our waffles and hit the hay. It did take me a solid 15 minutes to untangle my hair, but that's worth it, right?

An uninvited BEEP woke us up the next morning and unfortunately, we ignored it until 30 minutes later we hopped out of bed and prepared to meet the boys for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Again, after the Old Timers breakfast and two cups of coffee, the boys and I were ready to hit the road back to Athens. Another long trip but our conversations made the time pass by quickly.

I learned a lot from my FIRST away game. I love conversation. I love memories. I don't love rude Georgia fans who don't let see my fiancé at the DAWG walk (give grace, Syd). I love my people. I love babies. I love the DAWGs. I love Charlie Woerner intensely. I love the Lord who continues to bless me more than I deserve.

I'm ready for the next game, freckled followers and I hope you'll tune in and help me cover my man and his teammates with prayer and cheers!

with love,

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