Feeling Pinkish Cocktail

I'm a big fan of feeling fancy without being fancy, ya feel? I've always loved looking through the pretty drink menus perched at the end of the table and now that of age it's fun to experiment. Now, if I'm being honest here, in an ideal world I choose an ice cold beer as my choice of beverage, however I'm gluten free and me and the blue mountains just don't go too well together. For the sake of my tummy, I've converted to a rum gal and not that I'm some kind of rum snob, but I do play favorites in this category.

Rum = sugary alcoholic beverage and Me = love of sugar so it's no surprise that rum and I get along. My two favorites are Tortuga and Bacardí. I've had my suspicions of Tortuga for awhile because quite honestly it just tastes like flavored sugar water and....I'm here for that! However, the only place I've been able to find it is in the Bahamas so plan a trip to grab your rum (which I'm sure you wouldn't complain about) or run down to your local liquor joint and pick up the classic Bacardí! A friend of a friend introduced us to Bacardí Reserva Ocho which is part of the premium range (ya...we fancy). Charlie and I enjoy sipping on Ocho with a nice diet coke, while our friend of a friend said he could drink it straight. We aren't there yet! Now, that you have pointless information about Charlie and I's drink of choice when offered just know that any rum would work just fine in this recipe.

One of the best parts about this cocktail is that it can just as easily become a mocktail so whether you're underage, prego or just not that interested in alcohol you can also enjoy it. Please let me know in the comments if you try it out!

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