Engagement Series: The Ring

This is the ring box that Charlie hand crafted!!!!!

Charlie said, "Ya know, it's amazing how no matter the age of a woman her eyes always light up when she sees an engagement ring."

He was right. And my eyes did the same. I'm not a glitz and glam kind of gal, but this ring, man, it makes my eyes tear up on good days, bad days and all the in between days.

I took a good look at this ring while sitting in traffic and it immediately brightened my mood and made me realize how blessed I am.

Here's the story: so Charlie and I started looking at rings last summer. He didn't exactly loveee the idea of going to look at rings because he wanted it to be the ultimate surprise, but after we sat down and tried a few on I think he understood why it was important.

I wanted a simple oval, a plain rose gold band and that's it. He, on the other hand, wanted to add his own personal touch. He knew the simplicity of the ring represented us, simple people, and that's why it was important. However, Charlie is extremely thoughtful and intentional, so I didn't know what he had in mind, but I trusted him.

Alright, I guess that's enough of the backstory.

On the day he proposed, the ring was propped up in a handmade "box". Charlie hand crafted a box to hold the ring. Oh my gosh, it was beautiful. Then he unscrewed the top and BAMMM!!!! There sat THE ring. It was perfect, honestly at the time he could've put just about anything in there and I would've been amazed.

Once he explained the ring to me the game changed. Gosh I love how intentional he is. He explained the importance of the solitaire oval. The oval was God. The intertwining strands of rose gold and diamonds were us, as a couple. He was the stable, simple and strong rose gold band. I was represented by the diamond band, something I would've never pegged myself as. And although Charlie had a very kind and sweet explanation for why the diamonds represented me the important thing is how they're intertwined and rooted in the solitaire.

No we aren't married yet...the ring below my engagement ring is my purity ring.

We as a couple can only grow stronger together if we're rooted in the Lord. I know this ring is beautiful and Charlie worked extremely hard for it, but it will always remind me of who the one true king is and who the Lord of my life IS and will ALWAYS be.

I really appreciate how thoughtful Charlie was with the ring that will be the statement piece of my outfit everyday. I love that when I look at it I see the sacrifices Charlie made in order to afford it. I love that I see his intentionality. I love that it constantly draws me back to the idea that God crafted our relationship and he is the sole reason that our marriage will prosper.

A ring is more than the price tag associated with it and how much it glistens in the sunlight. A ring is a promise, an intentional promise. It was the easiest promise I ever made.

with love,

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