Engagement Series: How we met

How did Charlie and I become Charlie and I?

I first heard about Charlie in high school. Charlie’s older brother, Jack, was a student teacher at my high school senior year. Somehow it got brought up that I was committed to UGA to play volleyball. Jack mentioned that his younger brother, Charlie, was also looking at going to UGA but hadn’t committed yet.

At lunch the next day the guys in my class were looking up his high school film and all that jazz. I peeked at the video then took it upon myself to do some of my own research. I looked him up on Facebook, no result, then Instagram, no result, then Twitter, no result. Finally, I took it to google and found a few photos of Charlie and thought dangggg this guy’s cute. One of my friends, Julia, even joked, “what if y’all date in college?” Whelp.

So I waited, not in the way that I refused to give any other guy a second look, but I definitely kept him in the back of my mind.

Football season 2016. I was a sophomore and Charlie was a freshman. I spotted Jack at a Dawg Walk, UGA football tradition, and he asked if I had met Charlie yet and I hadn’t! However, I had every intention of meeting this Rabun County kid.

I sought help from a friend of mine and a teammate of Charlie’s, Quincy Mauger. I told Quincy that I wanted to meet Charlie and he almost laughed just because of how low-key Charlie is. However, that Monday during lunch Quincy came up to me and said, “I gotchu” and at first I was confused because I had forgotten. Quincy said that he had talked to Charlie and Charlie wasn’t really interested because he had gotten out of a relationship recently. Quincy respected that but still gave Charlie my number just in case he changed his mind.

He changed his mind. He texted me. We texted for a week and then... Waffle House! We met at Waffle House in the middle of finals week and if you know you’d understand how much of a sacrifice it was for me to give up study time.

This man drives up in his orange and camp scooter. Welcomes me with a side hug and we enter good ole Waffle House where we spend hours talking about our families, hobbies, when UGA was planning on winning a national championship and hand-foot-mouth disease. Let’s just say flirting and table talk wasn‘t Charlie’s strong suit. Also, he got his wallet stolen so I had to pay for our meal and he didn’t even give me a hug bye.

I went back to my friend, Caroline, and said nopeeee. I was like ehh, he was a nice guy but I don’t think its going to workout. So I continued to study, with Charlie in the back of my mind because he had yet to text me!

I took the test. I got back to my dorm and Charlie texted me. We texted for the next month while we were on Christmas break. Please note Charlie and I are not big texters sooo this meant something (so millennial... I know).

After break, we hung out with friends and would spend hours upon hours talking. I mean talking until the sun comes up and I had to be at workouts in 30 minutes. We loved (love) to talk to each other and that has always come so naturally. A couple of weeks... okay maybe like a week and half later Charlie asked me to be his gurlfrand. I said, Yes sir!

So that’s how God perfectly designed our story of meeting one another. It’s incredible to look back and see how evident God’s hand has been in it all. I’m forever grateful and I’m so blessed.

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