Engagement Series: Him

Hi friends, so it's time to spill the tea (I think that's what the kids are saying these days for, serious details) on Charlie and I's engagement! eeeekkk I'm still head over heels excited and shocked that we are engaged. I decided to do an engagement series because I've got WAY too much to talk about for just one post.

Engagement Series number one covers, Him. I know that all you romantics opened this blog post thinking you were going to read my obsessing words of how much I love and adore Charlie and although there will be a time for that in this series...the time is not now. I've got a much more important love story to tell and before you start sending me upset emails and disliking every Instagram post I've ever created, let me get into the meat of it.

Him, I'm talking about the ALWAYS capitalized Him, the great I AM. Charlie and I have been dating for two years and some change, but He, the Lord, started crafting our relationship since only the Lord knows.

I remember growing up and my parents would tell me that they were praying for my brother's and I future spouses. At the time that seemed so strange, considering my dad wouldn't even let me date. My parents would always randomly mention unsolicited relationship advice and again my brothers and I would look at each other with slightly red faces and brush it off.

Looking back now though...wow. I soaked in a lot more of that "unsolicited relationship advice" than I thought. And I can tell my parents prayed REALLY hard for my future spouse because let me tell you, I GOT A GOOD ONE!

I mention all of this to you because yes, it seems like there were only two years of time leading up to our engagement, but no, there has been so much going on behind the scenes. For most of that behind the scenes work Charlie and I were completely unaware, but now 100% grateful.

Honestly, I think I need to get my parents to write a blog post about what they prayed for and how they went about introducing the idea of a spouse and a Godly marriage to us kiddos, but for now here's my advice to you parents.

Pray, pray really hard and with a completely surrendered heart. Marriage is really tough (so I hear), so why not start praying over your child's future. Especially considering how much you've gone through in your own marriage. Prayer is important and I'm so very thankful that my parents loved me and Charlie enough to start praying over that for many years before we'd even met. Also, tell your child that you're praying for them and their future spouse. Although I was confused when my parents told me that I was also thankful and grateful that they loved me so much that they wanted to pray for the person in my life that would take me away from them.

To the unmarried, pray for your own future spouse. I didn't quite start praying as early as I should've, but I definitely put in a few hours of sore knees, closed eyes and a surrendered heart to the Lord. I wrote my prayers down and I'd write letters to him (I can't wait to go back and look at those).

I remember reading the bible and journaling with Charlie one day and after I was done I was flipping through my journal and I said, "Do you want to read a letter I wrote to my future husband?" and He hesitantly answered, "Are you sure?" and I said "Yes, I always told myself that I wouldn't let anyone but my future husband read it." And you'd think that between two college students the room would've been overcome with awkwardness, but honestly he just said, "Yes, I'd love to" as if we'd both already expected that, that would be the turn out of our relationship.

Lastly, pray that you'd also be the woman or man someone would want to marry and be deserving of. This last bit of advice I give you is often overlooked, but just as important. You need to sweep your own front porch before you start asking God, "alright, games over where is Mr. or Mrs. Right." First of all, that's not how it works and Second of all you need to be equipped just like you're expecting your spouse to be.

I hope you all enjoyed this first Engagement Series: Him and if you'd like to know what my parents prayed for, what I prayed for and what Charlie prayed for, please let me know. If there’s a lot of interest, then I'll write a blog post about it.

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with love,

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