Drummer Boy

Are you a "Halloween is over and it's time for Christmas" kind of person or "Once the Thanksgiving leftovers come out it's time for Christmas"? I'm the latter, I really enjoy Thanksgiving and I personally feel like two months of Christmas tends to water down the significance. However, I think this year we all need a little extra and early Christmas joy and with that being said I snuck in a few Christmas songs before the Thanksgiving leftovers hit the microwave. Christmas music is beautiful and jolly and so uplifting so I felt no shame in cranking it up a little early this year.

However, there was this one Christmas song that I used to really...REALLY dislike. The song I changed as soon as it came through the speakers was, The Drummer Boy. I mean even the Justin Bieber version didn't do it for me. The song just felt repetitive, confusing and honestly, it felt like it lacked the "Christmas character". But I was wrong, so incredibly wrong. One thing I love about Christmas music, that I think a lot of people miss, is that most of the songs glorify the Lord and sing His praise. In the case of the Drummer Boy, I was one of those people who didn't realize the significance it brought to the table.

Last Christmas season my dad sent my family a video of King & Country performing the Drummer Boy. Honestly, I didn't play the song but Charlie did and mentioned it to me. He loved it and so did my dad so I thought well if my two favorite men love it then I might as well give it the benefit of the doubt. I gave it a listen as well as a watch and it hit me (almost as hard as the men in the video were hitting the drums). I watched and listened a few more times and I was brought to tears. This song, a simple and classic song that I had been dodging for years was wrecking me. I'll list the lyrics below without all of the "Pa rum pum pum pums" and we can walk through it together with the lyrics fresh on your mind.

Come they told me

A new born king to see

Our finest gifts we bring

To lay before the king

So to honor him

when we come

Little baby

I am a poor boy too

I have no gifts to bring

That's fit to give our king

Shall I play for you

Mary nodded

The ox and lamb kept time

I played my drum for him

I played my best for him

Then he smiled at me

me and my drum

It seems so childish doesn't it playing the drum for a baby. I mean imagine yourself being a new mother with a baby in your arms and some kid comes up to you and says, "hey lady I know this baby deserves the world but I don't have anything can I just play my drum for you?" Most mothers would be like, "a drum!? umm noooo." I mean a drum would send any baby into a whirlwind of tears hahaha but Mary said, "yeah dude. Play your drum."

Alright, back to the significance. I was drifting from the main purpose. For me, the main purpose stems from the two lines: "I have no gifts to bring, that's fit to give our king." The purpose is this, none of us have a gift that is fit for our king, Jesus. We bring absolutely nothing but baggage to the table. And even from here the significance of the drummer boy is not that he was poor and could only play his drum for our King Jesus BUT it's that his heart had the purest posture. While, he was encouraged by others to bring fine gifts....even if he had those fine gifts they would be worthless in the eyes of our Savior. It's our humility, heart, and submission that he desires. The drummer boy humbling admitted that he had nothing to give BUT even so he played his drum. A simple and random action but his heart posture is something I want to wake up with every day. He played his best. He didn't play it with hesitancy or lack of zeal knowing that it wasn't much to offer. He played his best!!

This song brought me to tears and humbled me because I so often think that I have gifts worthy of our King Jesus. I don't. Which doesn't mean that I don't take action or live small for my King. No, it makes me want to arise every morning and abide in Him in order to play my best for Him. I so desperately need Him. This song is beautiful and powerful and gut-wrenching because it calls my bluff. Thank you Jesus for using this song to search my heart and show me what glorifies you and what doesn't.

Needless to say, I will no longer be switching the song when it comes on instead I'll add it twice to my playlist and turn on the windshield wipers because the tears will fall.

This Christmas, sing the songs with the meaning the words hold.

***Also, funny and BIG God story. The night after I wrote this I was on the phone with Charlie. He had to stay in the hotel because it was before a game. He said, "You know what song has really been on my heart today?" And immediately I knew it was The Little Drummer Boy. He proceeded and just felt the need to post on his Instagram about the significance of the song. I followed up and said you'll never believe it but that song was also on my heart today and I wrote a blog post about it. Like, come on y'all...that is no significance!! Thank you, Jesus, for laying this song on my Husband and my own heart. You are so BIG and truly deserve our best. ***

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