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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Sooo this is not Squiddie writing here, just in case you start to wonder if she got a concussion because you’re wondering why the grammar and writing is not up to par. Sydney is a great writer and I really love reading her stuff. I think it’s great that she uses the gift God gave her for God's glory and to shed a light on Jesus. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter how many people read her stuff and likes and comments, like so many people care about these days, it matters that her blog could potentially affect one person's soul. ONE Person. At the end of the day of our short little lives, it comes down to where you're going, heaven or hell. If her blog or anyone’s blog can affect one person then that’s awesome!! Praise God because it’s helping. So Sydney, I applaud you for blogging because you love it, use it not for your own glory but Gods, and you sacrifice time for it.

One thing that God has been teaching me since I got into college is to be open, transparent, and have a heart like Jesus for other people and their troubles. Since my freshman year, I’ve found that I love to have deep conversations with people and to get to know people’s hearts. I always have loved deep convos but now even more so. The part of having a heart like Jesus is genuinely caring for people.

The shortest verse in the bible (I think) is John 11:35 “Jesus Wept”. Jesus wept for Lazarus death, not only because he loved Lazarus, but because he cared so much for the hearts of Martha (Lazarus’ sister) and Lazarus’ family. He knew their pain and wept for them as well. God has been teaching me to really care for other people’s hearts and to get to know their hearts. The hardest part for me is to be transparent, I just got an Instagram like a few months ago. Sydney and I have felt called to be an example for others and other couples by being open and transparent, which at my core, is hard to do and easier for Sydney. But we feel like God wants to use our lives to make others lives easier so they can learn from our mistakes, and to also learn what we do in order to keep our relationship intact, which is hard at this point in our relationship. Which is what I’m about to go into.

This is an interesting part of our lives. We are 660 miles apart, I’m down here training in Fort Lauderdale for the NFL combine while Squid is still in Athens taking classes and working her booty off from 6am till 10pm, teaching, taking classes, and working. I figured I’d talk about last week. I went out to LA for the NFLPA senior bowl game. It was a very interesting week and very hard.

Charlie was named a captain!

I woke up at 4:50 AM Eastern Time on Sunday to catch my flight out there. Right when I got to the hotel I had to start filling out all sorts of paperwork and getting your basic stuff done. Then we started to have meetings and what not. And after dinner we started to have meetings with NFL scouts. And after ALL those meetings I finally got into bed around 11:30 pm Pacific time. I don’t know how long that is but it was a long time to be up.

I woke up at 6:30 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for breakfast and then headed to the Rose Bowl for practice. One of the Tight Ends that was on my team got hurt on the first day, so me and another guy had to grind out the hardest 3 days of practice by ourselves and take a ton of reps, it was good for us but also hard. Which, after a full season (August to Sugar Bowl) going into another fall camp style practice after all that, it was a lot on my body.

Everyday at practice NFL scouts were sitting there with their notepads taking notes on us and watching everything we did. My main goal was to show them that I could catch the ball and do stuff with it after I catch it. I think I did a good job of it and I had a fun time doing it! But after each practice we would head back, eat lunch, then have meetings with our coaches to go over practice. Then we had dinner and then after dinner it was back to room of sharks (NFL scouts) meetings all the way until 11pm. I was very exhausted and I completely crashed on Thursday. Thursday and Friday slacked off a bit with easier practices and most of the Scouts started to leave.

Let’s talk about the meetings. The scouts would ask you so many questions and every meeting was different. Some meetings were like 10 minutes and some were 40. It all depended on the team. They would all ask general info on me, what my parents do, how many brothers and sisters, where I’m from. It was always funny to see their faces as I told them about all my siblings ( 3 brothers and 3 sisters ) and how my brothers beat me up growing up. Then they would start to talk Football and ask a variety questions about that. Trying to see my knowledge of the game and also about my injuries and what not. They all ask the question “If we did a background check, would we find anything?” The answer was always, thankfully, NO. A lot of these meetings is just the scouts trying to get to know you and to see if you would be a good fit with their team and what not. But man they got pretty monotonous being asked a lot of the same questions at times.

There wasn’t a lot of free time but I got to meet some pretty cool guys from all around the country. It was an interesting group brought together for one game. It was new and fun. A lot of different personalities and backgrounds brought together. I was able to talk to one guy (who was an atheist) about Jesus for about 30 minutes before meetings which was awesome! All I wanted to do was to take a nap but the conversation started and I knew it was more important than a nap.

It was hard to talk to Sydney because I was so tired, 3 hour time change, and her busy schedule, but we found a short time where we could ask each other how one another’s day was going and everything which helped me.

Sydney, her mom, and my mom came in Friday and we went out to eat with my agent, Carter Chow and Shantal, which was a lot of fun. They all got to meet him and get to know him and we got to have some fun at dinner. It was ever so sweet to see my sweet girl fly all the way out for my game and when I saw her I picked her up and gave her a big kiss, it was a great reward for the ending of a hard week.

The game was fun but it wasn’t too serious. The scouts really aren’t there for that, they cared more about Monday - Wednesday. It was a fun game and we all enjoyed it, and no one got hurt which was good. It was also fun to catch some balls in the game, took me back to high school. After the game, I finally got to meet Sydney's cousin Zach who is stationed out there in the Navy. We have missed each other on so many opportunities (holidays, vacations and stuff). And we got to relax and chill after the game at a reception area (PEEP...Sydney here. Y'all Charlie got to stay in this crazy hotel. The lobby was on the 70th floor!! It was beautiful and awesome...sorry I just had to add that. Now back to Charlie). It was a long hard week but I grew through it and me and Sydney grew together through it was well.

Now I'm back, writing this from Fort Lauderdale after a long day of training and missing my girl again. And missing my friends in Athens. But it’s all in God’s plan and I know he has me and Sydney in the palm of His hand. I pray that He continues to use us separately and together for His kingdom.

We appreciate the prayers through these next few months as well before we get married. We will be apart a lot!

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