Asheville//Hot Springs, NC Itinerary

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I stole my Georgia boy away from his home for a couple of days to show him around my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains. I wanted to take him somewhere fun, quaint and within a realistic distance. Hot Springs couldn't have been a better spot. We started our day by spending time with our Lord and then packed up a few snacks, blankets, towels and we couldn't forget our swimsuits.

I've listed out a complete itinerary of our trip and if you would like to know the details of our trip, see more photos or watch goofy videos then please click the links.

8:30 Date time, but not with each other, with God

9:30 All packed up and headed for Asheville

10:00 (ish) arrived at Biscuit Head

-Go check out Charlie and I's thoughts on their biscuits Hot Biscuit details

11:00 Our happy tummies hopped in the truck and headed to Hot Springs, NC

11:50 We pulled into Hot Springs, NC

12:30 Checked out the Hot Springs Welcome Center

1:00 Bought our fishing licenses from C&H fishing supplies

1:40 Enjoyed the beautiful drive to our fishing location, Rocky Bluff Recreation Area

-If you'd like to hear about our fishing adventure or want a good laugh click here:

Hot Springs n Fish

3:00 Headed to Hot Springs Resort & Spa

-More details, click here

5:00 Our hungry bellies took us to Spring Creek Tavern

5:45 Our last adventure of the day, Max Patch

-Don't miss out, Full of Food and Wonder

9:00 Awe struck with God's creation we headed back home to Hendersonville

One of the many amazing views from Max Patch

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