Ahh Sugar, Sugar

This is a picture of Bailey, (the girl I mention in the blog--she's the sugar). She is also my cousin and just so happens to be my best good buddy. She is super cool to do life with and I love her lots! P.S. She is also gorgeous and single sooooo gentlemen hit up my "talk to me" page and I'll let ya know if you pass the test.

Ahhh sugar sugar! So if ya read my bio or my home page you might have gotten the idea that I kinda sorta really really like sugar. To put this in perspective let me share a little insight with ya. I keep at minimum of 3 sugar packets in my Patagonia “secret” pocket at all times and I have a couple packets in the “secret” pocket of my backpack andddd I also keep some sugaaa in my wallet. Look people you never know when you’re going to find yourself at a restaurant with a glass of sweet tea or should I say a glass of tea that they claim as sweet. Boyscout number one rule: ALWAYS BE PREPARED! (Fun fact: I always went to my brothers boyscout meetings as a kid).

With this being said my blog post this week is about baking! Baking is a huge passion of mine. I haven’t decided if I only love it because of the sugar or just because of the process itself. Honestly the process of baking might take the cake on this one (punny baking jokes). I think the baking process is so interesting because you can take bland, strange, and different ingredients mix em up and put em under some heat and WOAHHH your tastes buds fall in love.

I kind of relate this wonderful and fruitful process to people and life. You might be thinking, “wow syd you’re really stretching this one…” and you might be right but it just kinda hit me one day! A recipe contains so many different ingredients, some look alike, some have completely different compositions, some smell, some don’t, some have a strange taste…just like people! Some of us look similar, some of us look nothing alike, some have a “bigger impact” on the world and others have a “smaller impact” on the world. (I put those in quotations because it is all relative to ones perspective). BUT what is super, super cool is how important each ingredient is. You might need 4 cups of flour and just a teaspoon of baking soda but that doesn’t mean the flour is more important. If you forgot to add either ingredient the finished product would still not end up correctly. Each ingredient is written into the recipe because the composition of the ingredient is vital to the finished product.

In relation to people, I might be blue food coloring and my cousin Bailey might be sugar. Now at this point Bailey seems to be the more important ingredient for making cupcakes but what if the cupcakes have to be blue? Then both of us are just as important. In addition, neither one of us can make blue cupcakes with out the other. “Syd, you’re losing me. Where are you going with this?”

People, y’all. Relationships, y’all. Connections y’all. Other people help us become who we are. Now, this is a very gray line because this could either be a great thing or a terrible thing. This is a great thing is we are strongly rooted in our convictions and principles but, this is a terrible thing if we are not. Wow y’all this is actually some pretty good stuff… I might just do a series on it so I can go more in depth! Yup, that is exactly what I am going to do. I will leave y’all with this. Notice the people in your life. What kind of influence do they have?

Appreciate the ones who have shaped who you are...and tell them. It might be slightly awkward or a little strange at first but we have no idea how much our words could mean to one another.

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