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Welcome! I'm happy that y'all would be kind enough to entertain this hobby of mine. I started my blog freshmen year while at the University of Georgia and I have inconsistently (miraculously) kept it going. Since then I, finished my volleyball career at UGA, graduated with a bachelors, pursued my masters and I've done got myself hitched too. 

My husband, Charlie Woerner, and I met at UGA. Between my volleyball practices and his time spent playing football we fought hard to pursue one another. On March 2, 2019 my best friend asked me a question and on June 27, 2020 surrounded by family and friends I replied with a kiss in the presence of God. Marriage, especially to my best friend, is incredible.

So where are we? Well, backstory: Charlie is from a small town in Northern Georgia, Tiger, and I'm from (What I claim to be a small town) in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Hendersonville. However, Charlie has committed to a job in Santa Clara, California so somehow us eastern-mountain folks have found ourselves across the U.S. nestled in the valley of California. 

Now, I don't have much to offer you but I do have a lot to share. Thanks to my lovely parents I have a knack for talking, even if that looks like typing words into a computer for myself to reread while editing or coercing my husband's eyes onto my screen. I'm here to be real and share the not-so-glamorous but yet chaotic life of a young married gal who feels charged and encouraged to possibly help a fellow sister.  

And there ya have it folks, that’s me. However, I do believe it’s tough to understand, know or connect with someone over a few paragraphs so follow along. 

Hold up...I wanna know about you too!
Married, Engaged, Dating or Single?
What stage of life?
Where do you live?
Sweet or Unsweet tea?

Thanks for taking the time to allow me to get to know YOU more!