Dear Sydney,

We all have questions and if you're like me you might feel like a lot of your questions go unanswered. We either don't ask or ask but leave without an answer. So, here I am, all 23 years of wisdom asking you to ask questions. I promise I don't know every answer, but I will find it or humbly say, "I don't know." 

Every two weeks I'll have someone *cough, cough* probably the hubs pick a question that y'all have asked and then I'll answer it in a blog post. And let me tell you, it could be, "Have you tried the new Starbucks drink?" Which, then I'll say no, but in the name of good research I'll go try and let you know what I think. Who knows, it might save you $5 on an overpriced cup of coffee. Or the question could be something like, "My boyfriend and I have terrible communication and it's starting to really effect our relationship. What do we do?" I'll talk to my husband and we will (in our opinion) give you the best advice we can. 

The best part, you completely stay anonymous and you could help someone else who has been asking the same question. SO, I need you, I need you to ask questions so others can be helped. 

Two Pens on Notebook
Dear Sydney

Thanks for asking a question!