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It's real. It's God-given. It's for His glory. 

I believe that God granted me the gift of creative writing and by golly if he gifted it to me I sure am going to use it.

I don't have a seminary degree, but I do have a passionate and desiring heart for the Lord. My blogs are filled with heart and written with tireless fingers because God is just so good (typed this with a smile and a giggle because my goodness doesn't he just wow you sometimes).


I hate the label but love the intention. I want to be a HELPER. The bottom line is I love to help others. If that means recommending a toner that is tried and true for me then so be it. However, I don't want to be a standard and I think that's the negative connotation influencers get stamped with. I want to help YOU be the best YOU can be. Let me help encourage you to workout or try a new food. I want to help and I will leave the influencing up to the Lord. That's His job. 


Take a peek

I like to share. I thoroughly respect folks that open the window, unlock the door and let vulnerability flow out. I want to share my life with you. Not because I think my life is better or worse, but because I know that others can relate. Life is too cruel for us to go through it alone. If sharing my joy, pain, praises and failures helps you or a friend then by all means throw me the key and let me unlock my door.